Get your project moving before it's too late!

KIRKAUS has had quite a few residential project inquiries, as of late.  Please be aware that we can only move projects forward on a first come first serve basis.  It is very typical for people to want to start building once the snow has melted.  In reality, Winter is the best time for designing and for planning construction.  KIRKAUS will do everything in its power to help you meet your goals.  Please realize, however, that demands for our services must be offered fairly, and that our schedule fills up quickly.

Happy 2017 everybody!

KIRKAUS is proud to say that 2016 was a successful year, and we have our clients to thank for this.  Going back into business this past June was quite a risk; however, we had overwhelming support from people throughout the Twin Ports, in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Former clients let us know that they were happy to hear the news, as well as colleagues, friends and the many people we have worked with over the years, including contractors, code officials and consultants.  2016 gave us a modest 11 projects, just enough to keep us going, yet not so much that we were overwhelmed.  Of our projects, 2 were located in Duluth, 4 were located in Superior, and the rest were located elsewhere.  Although a majority of our projects involved difficult building code issues, we have also been in contact with people who are excited about our commitment to sustainability, as well as adaptive reuse of existing buildings.  In the coming year, we are looking for residential commercial projects that focus not only on sustainability, but also on accessibility.  This is in alignment with our understanding that buildings cannot truly be sustainable if they do not address what people need.   With an aging population, the need for accessible designs that are also inexpensive to heat and easy to maintain is huge.  We believe we can help meet this need.  Thank you everybody who has helped to make our efforts successful!

Congratulations to Tortoise and HARE Footwear!

Congratulations are in order for the recent opening of Tortoise and HARE Footwear, at their new location, 4002 Grand Ave, Duluth, MN.  KIRKAUS is proud to have contributed to the success of our clients.  Best wishes, may your new location work well for you and your customers!

May 29, 2016

Website construction begun, MN Secretarty of State notified of name change and firm status.  This is an exciting move.  The business is being reborn from RA Architect Studios, LLC into KIRKAUS, LLC.  The change is necessary because the firm principal has grown significantly with his professional experience and qualifications.